IBM Cloud Orchestrator for POWER Systems

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With IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you can manage your cloud infrastructure and services.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator helps you with end-to-end service deployment across infrastructure and platform layers. It also provides integrated IT workflow capabilities for process automation and IT governance, resource monitoring, and cost management. The product offers you an extensible approach to integration with multiple environments such as network, storage, and hypervisor management tools.

Using IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you have a consistent, flexible, and automated way of integrating the cloud with customer data center policies, processes, and infrastructures across various IT domains, such as backup, monitoring, and security. IBM Cloud Orchestrator is based on a common cloud platform that is shared across IBM's Cloud offerings.

This new class is the third in a series starting with the skills you acquired in Implementing Power Cloud Infrastructure with PowerVC (QZ001G) and building a Cloud in Implementing Cloud Manager with Openstack on Power Systems (QZ002G). This intermediate course will explore the components of IBM Cloud Orchestrator, the integration into Power Systems, interactions of OpenStack components, and how to work with IBM Orchestrator. This class has extensive labs to further your hands-on experience with this product.


This intermediate course is not restricted. Participants may include:
  • Customers
  • Technical IBM personnel
  • Business Partner technical personnel
  • IT consultants and architects
  • Anyone with interest in understanding Cloud Orchestrator and OpenStack


You should have completed:
  • Implementing Power Cloud Infrastructure with PowerVC (QZ001G)
  • Implementing Cloud Manager with Openstack on Power Systems (QZ002G)


  • Identify the organization of various cloud components associated with IBM Cloud Orchestrator (ICO)
  • Identify the organization of ICO components for integrating with Power Systems
  • Recognize the interaction of OpenStack components within ICO
  • Summarize how PowerVC supports the ICO Region Server
  • Carry out the steps in deploying ICO Power Region Server
  • Recognize the flow of services between ICO Power Region Server and Power Systems
  • Identify entities in ICO domain for scenarios in expanding the cloud
  • Differentiate the roles of projects and users in working with ICO
  • Evaluate the multiple purposes of ICO Self-services for further exploration


Day 1
  • Welcome: Course administration and introduction - (00:30)
  • Unit 1: Introduction to cloud integration
  • Exercise 1. Verifying lab environment
  • Unit 2: Entering IBM Cloud Orchestrator (ICO)
  • Exercise 2. Exploring IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Unit 3: OpenStack Overview
  • Exercise 3. Exploring OpenStack through ICO Administration

Day 2

  • Unit 4: PowerVC overview and resource configurations
  • Exercise 4. Configuring PowerVC virtualization environment
  • Unit 5: ICO region server for Power Systems
  • Exercise 5. Deploying ICO region server for Power Systems
  • Unit 6: ICO region server quick start
  • Exercise 6. Verifying region server and postinstallation tasks

Day 3

  • Unit 7: Expanding cloud logical domains
  • Exercise 7. Working with a new cloud domain in ICO
  • Unit 8: Projects and users in ICO domain
  • Exercise 8. Managing projects and users as self-services
  • Unit 9: More ICO self-services
  • Exercise 9. Working with self-services and offerings